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A Creek Trickles Through It: This collection of fly-fishing humor is interspersed with nostalgic stories from an award-winning author and fisherman. Topics include the dangers of fly-tying, carnivorous fly-eating trees, and persnickety fish. Whether you are an arm-chair fisherman or one with well-earned leaky waders, A Creek Trickles Through It will be a welcome addition to your fishing library.

The Winter of Our Discount Tent: This collection of outdoor humor covering subjects ranging from kudzu to jackelopes, with detours into survival skills when fishing with kids. This hardcover book illustrated by Cliff Shelby was published by the University of South Carolina Press and selected for an Excellence in Craft award by the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association.

Hunting With Beanpole: You may have a friend like Beanpole, the sort who manages to find a cloud in every silver lining. Beanpole can make any hunt lively though not always in the way you prefer. Forewarned is forearmed as they say; but hunting with Beanpole even four arms are not enough. Winner of the Pinnacle Award from the Professional Outdoor Media Association.

Fishing With Beanpole: Join Beanpole on his humorous pursuit of fish. As with all fishing trips, things don't always go as planned. But the world is a richer place once you have met Beanpole. Winner of an Excellence In Craft award from the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association.

Gift Pack: Includes Hunting With Beanpole and Fishing With Beanpole at a reduced price.

The Jon Boat Years - And Other Stories Afield with Fine Friends, Fair Dogs, a Shotgun, and a Fly Rod: Delightful tales of hunting and fishing, family, friends, dogs, and precious time well spent. Nationally recognized and award-winning writer Jim Mize captures the true essence of sport and living life to the fullest in this collection of stories about his outdoor escapades. In tales spanning more than five decades, Mize invites readers into carefree days hiking through the Colorado Rockies with a fly rod and leisurely casting poppers to bluegill on small southern ponds. Mize's humorous stories entertain and return readers to their own turkey hunting or creek-fishing excursions. Black-and-white drawings from artist Bob White illustrate stories filled with laughter, quiet contemplation, and wonder. The Jon Boat Years was also selected for an Excellence in Craft award by the South Carolina Outdoor Press Association.

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